Ashley Wood Stoves

If you are looking to buy Ashley wood stoves, you should read this site before. Here, I will talk about Ashley wood stove and make same reviews. Please keep in mind this site is purely informational. We are not an official site. The Ashley brand has stoves for all possible utilizations. Ashley has cast iron stoves, outdoor wood-burning stoves, and Ashley wood burning stoves. The Ashley stoves will make you house look like a traditional fireplace.

The cast iron models of Ashley wood stoves remind the antique stoves, but these models have the advantage of have modern and good construction and aren’t expensive compared to an antique refurbished stove. With this model of Ashley stoves, you can save much money because they are cheaper compared to other stoves and can heat your home practically for free because they only consume wood, which normally is cheaper.

Ashley also has a line of stoves that allow you to see the wood burning like a fireplace but without the high cost of upkeep and installation.

If you buy an Ashley wood-burning stove, you can rely on the durability and quality, and you will always have at your disposition a good stock of parts.

Some Ashley wood burning stoves models:

Ashley Wood Stove Pedestal, 36,000 Btu – This wonderful Ashley Stove is EPA certified by Warnock Hersey International. The ceramic glass of this stove has a good functional Air Wash that keeps the glass clean. This Ashley wood-burning stove has a certified solid heavy steel construction and cast-iron. Another thing I like very much in this stove is that it has an iron feed door that allows you to see the fire. This stove is very resistant to high temperatures. This stove heats any room fast and well. The wood length of this stove is 18”. This stove has 71 percent efficiency and it dimensions are 27 12"H x 27 14"W x 21"D. In my opinion, this stove is a top product of the Ashley brand.

Ashley Wood Stove Pedestal, 60,000 Btu - This stove is very similar with the previous but is much powerful of course the price is higher you should see what heat power do you need. This stove is very safe and clean, looks great and gives you a lot of heat. It has a good cast-iron and it construction is heavy steel. The pedestal base of this stove has an ash dump that is located in the center of the fire-brick. The door of this stove is resistant and allows you to see the fire. The ceramic glass of this stove has a good functional Air Wash that keeps the glass clean. The big advantage of this ashley wood burning stove is that it has a mechanical four-step thermostat feature that is an innovative heat indicator. The efficiency of this stove is 72 percent; the wood length is 19", the dimensions are 28 12"W x 29 14"D x 34 14"H and the heating capacity is 2,000 square feet.

Some Ashley Wood Stoves

  • Ashley Wood Stove Pedestal, 36,000 Btu
  • Log Box Stove Small
  • Wood & Coal Furnace, 119,000 BTU
  • Wood Stove, 30,000 BTU's
  • Cast Iron Boxwood Heater, 96,000 BTU's
  • Defender Wood Stove EPA , 68,000 BTU's
  • Deluxe Boxwood Stove
  • Highlander Wood Stove EPA, 68,000 BTU's
  • Pot Belly Stove, 200,000 Btus
  • Shiloh Wood Stove with Blower, 68,000 Btu
  • Standard Barrel Stove Kit
  • Wood Stove, 1500 SqFt
  • Wood Stove, 75,000 BTU
  • Ashley Pedestal Heater, 40,000 BTU
  • Ashley Wood Stove Pedestal, 60,000 Btu
  • Barrel Stove Kit

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