Wood burning stove accessories

If you have are thinking to buy an Ashley wood stove you should now that exit many assessoris that will help you a lot in the utilization and upkeep of your stove. In this page I will talk about some wood burning stoves accessories.

Wood burning stove Andirons

In nowadays, a wood stove takes the place of the old traditional andirons but an andiron is decorative appeal. With a set of andirons you can add a touch of the traditional style to yor hearth and preserve a tradition

Cat Cast Iron Andirons Black A-1251 – These andirons are unique and are truly a good eye-catching to your Ashley wood stove. These andirons consist essential in two black cats that are made to last for many years. This andiron are great for provide protection against roll out or just to add dramatic flair to your Ashley stove! These Andirons measure 17" High and weigh 18.4lbs. I’m very happy with this andiron it is a quality product and look wonderful in any stove or fireplace the only thing that I don’t like is eyes I think they are small I wish they were bigger to pass more light through them.

Ball Andirons Black A-1234 – Whether for practical or decorative use, these andirons will add a good look and feel to your Ashley wood burning stove. This set of andirons has a beautiful classic design that will help protect your flooring from log roll out and principally will continue to grace your stove with a look that will never go out of style. These type of andirons are made to last from steel with a handsome black powder-coat finish for lasting beauty. These Andirons weigh 19lbs and measure 18" High.


Bellows are a indispensable accessory for your Ashley wood burning stove! In bellows the Air is drawn through a small hole in the bottom and forced out through the nozzle this eliminate the need to blow on a smoldering fire. Of course a larger bellow works better than a smaller one since more air is moved on each pump of the bellows. Exit large selections of fireplace bellows to match any home décor and price range.